Student services

Useful information for International Students

How to apply for UniTO programs

Information on the application procedure for the academic year 2022/23 will be published in the upcoming months on the Application for International Students portal web page.

How to pre-enroll for the entry study visa on Universitaly

Non-European candidates residing abroad should submit their study entry visa pre-enrollment request on the Universitaly platform. Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to fill in the procedure.

Students’ contribution and Scholarships opportunities

International students may request a reduction on the students’ contribution based on their financial situation or on the GDP pro capita PPP of their country of residence.

For more precise and accurate information please refer to the competent tuition fees office: Sezione Diritto allo Studio.

Additional support services for international students

The University of Torino offers additional services for International students such as counseling, specific support for non-european students and for students holding international protection, Italian classes and guidance for the residence permit request.

Useful information for Ph.D. programs

The University of Torino offers 36 Ph.D. programs in different scientific fields.
Ph.D. programs at the University of Torino are designed and offered within the Doctoral School.

You can apply for admission to Ph.D. only by submitting your application following the advertised annual Call for applications. Applications can exclusively submitted via the specific online platform.

For further information, please see the Admissions and Requirements page and contact the office at

The University of Torino promotes the internationalisation of Ph.D. courses through international Ph.D. programmes, Ph.D. in joint-supervision (co-tutelle de these), international programmes for supporting the mobility of Ph.D. students.

For more information contact the office at

University accommodation and Regional scholarships - EDISU

Student assistance services are provided according to the merit and family financial situation.

EDISU Piemonte, the Regional Agency for the Right to Education of Piedmont, carries out interventions for deserving students through services and activities (such as scholarships, accommodation and restaurant services) capable of facilitating the study, attendance and life of university studies, limiting economic inequalities.

Find out more at Edisu Piemonte.

Guidance for BA and MA students - Orient@mente

Orient@mente is a digital learning environment in which students can find quizzes and self-assessment tests to prepare the university admission. Find out more at Orient@mente.

Start@Unito: online courses for BA students - First Year Start

Start@Unito offers free and open online courses, which students can follow while attending secondary school and before enrolling at University. Find out more at Start@Unito.

Sports Centre - CUS

Close to mountains, countryside, rivers and lakes, Torino offers a perfect environment for a wide range of sports and outdoor activities.

Ski slopes and mountain walking trails are only an hour's drive away. The city's rowing clubs, founded over a century ago, make rowing, rafting and kayaking very accessible. So come and see all the sports opportunities provided by our University Sports Centre (CUS Torino).

CUS Torino aims at promoting competitive and non-competitive sports among students, teachers and employees at University of Torino. It offers more than 100 different sports at all levels in a number of sites in the city and in surroundings areas.

The CUS card is free for all university students!

You need the CUS Card to:
- Access all CUS facilities - Join sport activities  
- Take advantage of CUS discounts

How do I get the CUS Card 
You may get it at  CUS Torino offices or online on the website.
You need an Italian sport medical certificate and the university enrolment.

Free Sport

Free hours designated for university students for gym and field rentals.

Foundation Programme

The University of Torino has launched an educational programme, named “Foundation Programme”, addressing international students who do not meet the minimum requirement of 12 years of schooling for enrolment in an Italian University Degree Course.

One of the main features of the programme is that all classes are delivered online, except for the final exam which will be held at the University of Torino. Due to anti-Covid restrictions, final exams will be online meetings.

Find out more here.

Learning Italian at University Language Centre (CLA-UniTo)

The University Language Center CLA organizes Italian programs for the international students enrolled in the degree courses taught in English. These Italian language courses will be blended and held in both synchronous and asynchronous mode.

• You will learn how to manage different speaking contexts
• You will learn to feel self-confident in the academic and local social contexts
• Well-experienced teachers will be sided by Italian trainee students available for tutoring and peer-to-peer activities

You are entitled to these courses if you are a first-year student (“matricola”) in one of the degrees taught in English that provides ECTS credits for this project.

More information on the CLA-UniTo website under the entry Italian for International Students.