Legal, Political and Economic-Social Sciences

Your key to better understand the contemporary world. Social studies, political theory, international relations, economic geography, public finance, social statistics and demography, law: this is only part of the education and research domains the School explores.

International programs, exchange mobility, job placement and services are available for students.

Degree programs taught in English:

Undergraduate degree

Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies

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Postgraduate degrees

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Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation

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Economic Analysis and Policy

European Legal Studies

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Department of Cultures, Politics and Society Go to the website

Department of Economics and Statistics "Cognetti de Martiis" Go to the website

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Global History of Empires - Go to the website

Law and Institutions - Go to the website

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Law, the Individual and the Market - Go to the website

Social and Political Change - Go to the website

ociology and Methodology of Social Research - Go to the website

Psychological, Anthropological and Educational Sciences - Go to the website

International programs

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